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Terms and conditions!

The use of Perspekti is based on terms and conditions. Please read carefully terms and conditions listed below.

At any time that you use Perspekti, you have confirmed terms and conditions on the use of each service. Perspekti has the right to change the terms and conditions at any time and you as a user are responsible for confirming the most recent Terms and Conditions, as posted on the website by Perspekti.

Using Perspekti on the Internet

The use of Perspekti is permissible at any time. Every individual or business has the right to use and record the details displayed by Perspekti. Perspekti has the right to stop using and delete the details of a user or business if the terms and conditions of Perspekti are not met.

In case any webpage is unavailable Perspekti is not responsible. In such cases please try again.


In using Perspekti you have confirmed the terms and conditions of Perspekti, to use Perspekti's services and details only for personal needs and not commercial. You can not use the details of a user or a business to make private contacts other than advertising, article, or added service.


The Brand / Logo and Perspekti name are the rights of Perspekti only and are protected by international companies.

Anything from the stock, photos, and information contained in the database are products of Perspekti and their copying or use for business issues is not permitted.

Unless Perspekti allows any of the rights below, you may not process, re-produce, download, publish, transfer or modify any pages or content of Perspekti.

Also, Perspekti photos and content can not be used / displayed on any other website without the right of Perspekti.


All of the online data and content of Perspekti does not guarantee precision, as the online written details may change instantly. Perspekti does not guarantee loss of information, business loss or revenue loss, but Perspekti will do anything for such a thing not to happen.

Links to sites outside Perspekti

Perspekti contains links to websites that are not controlled by Perspekti. In such cases, the links may be distorted by changes made by foreign companies, and Perspekti may not have managed to change the links yet. Also, Perspekti does not guarantee any accuracy on the materials or links on the website that are not controlled by Perspeki.

Link within Perspekti

Links to Perspekti pages are not allowed until you have a written confirmation confirming that you are authorized to create that link.

Recorded details

To use any Perspekti service you must register for free. During the registration you will choose an email and password that are needed to access your Perspekti account. You are responsible for the details given during the registration or the details that are later changed to. In using Perspekti you also confirm that the details you have registered are not offensive. If any of the terms and conditions above are not implemented then your account will be deleted from Perspekti.


If you have any non-fulfillment of terms and conditions then your account will be rejected and you may or may not be notified by Perspekti.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions above then contact Perspekti on the details below.


You can contact Perspeki for any issues by email: