Teksti kėkues ėshtė gabim.
Teksti kėkues ėshtė gabim. Ju lutem pėrdorni vetėm shkronja dhe numra pėr tekstin kėrkues.


Perspekti has started operating in 2015 and it has resulted te be a trusted partner for all the users and clients that have been using its products eversince. Perspekti operates on many areas like technology, information and advertising. Perspekti is a very good leader on technology products (like application programs, webside design and implementation), information, medias and publications based on staff eksperiences.

Managing Staff

Email: ntopalli@perspekti.com
Cel: +355682885032

Our vision

Perspekti is trying to be main provider in sectors such as information and advertising by simplifying the way data is saved and retrived. Those include:

  • Free adverts and articles for all the readers.
  • Online addition, modification and cancellation of adverts.
  • Information about buzinesses and companies, opening times, offers and so on.
  • Low prices for all the clients.
  • Our mission

    Our mission is to combine eksperiences and innovations to increase our successfull journey in international level in areas of information and advertising.


    Perspekti belives that the world will be a better place if we improve the way we save and retrieve information on the internet.

    Our values

    Integrity and Ethics

    Perspekti always does what is right and it searches for honesty, maintains confidentiality and it respects professional standards of excellence and security.

    Quality Service

    Perspekti tries to understand customer requirements and meet or exceed their high quality service expectations. It stays flexible and always seek for proactive solutions, and is responsible for securing customer satisfaction.


    Perspekti constantly investigates the status and seeks opportunities for continuous improvement. It strives for a stimulating and open working environment for learning and innovation.


    Cooperation and support mutually support each other. A sound strategy and creative implementation requires diverse collaborative talents. Success for our customers depends on everyone's cooperation and mutual support.


    Perspekti acts with a sense of ownership regarding the responsibilities of our customers. We manage our financial assets with sound management and a fair return for our investors.