Teksti kėkues ėshtė gabim.
Teksti kėkues ėshtė gabim. Ju lutem pėrdorni vetėm shkronja dhe numra pėr tekstin kėrkues.

Information Security

Informacione personale

To add adverts you need to sign up with Perspekti. The main information to be registered is name, surname, email, phone number and address. All the information gathered will be used with maximum security and will only be provided to companies outside Perspekti for contact reasons based on the adverts advertised on Perspekti.

Email addresses and passwords are collected to be used when the user wants to view or change account details or adverts.

Advert details

For each advert, the details will be kept in Perspekti servers and will be visible on the Internet until the advert are active. When the activation finishes the details will be saved in Perspekti but will not be visible on the Internet.

Offensive language or misleading advertisements

If you see offensive language or misleading adverts please contact us at: info@perspekti.com or Tel: 00355682885032.